The Proud Parents

Heather & Travis Quinnelly

The Stats & Story

8 lbs 15oz Pounds 20.25 Inches
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Silas was slated to be born via induced labor on the 21st. From late pregnancy checkups, he didn’t seem ready to come out. I guess he figured it was nice a cozy in there, so why leave?

Heather was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, the 20th of November for a round of medicine to start him moving in the right direction. Everything seemed to be going smooth and then Monday morning she started the labor inducing medicine. Things were moving along nicely, and as she powered through the contractions she finally decided it was time for the epidural and at this time was dilated to a 4. Later that afternoon, the pain went away but so did the contractions and after four hours she was still only dilated to a 4. By the evening, the doctor decided that the best course of action was a cesarean delivery which frightened the heck out of Heather.

She was taken back into the OR where I held her hand as they opened her up and delivered baby Silas in just a few moments. We prayed that God would be with us and calm Heather’s fears and nerves. He did just that and we have a beautiful baby boy to prove it!


Help Us Welcome “Silas”

Please help us welcome this wonderful new addition to our family. We’ve been ready to start a family for a while now and now that it’s here we’re both a bit nervous.


We’re now coming to realize that our world is turned upside-down, and in a good way. Children are such a blessing from God and we’re so excited to be opening this new chapter in our life.

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So What’s with Christopher?

I know right…and you might be wondering why we’re not calling him by his first name, but that’s really just a quirkiness in me and how the name rolls off the tongue. Now as far as where the Chris comes from, well that might actually take a moment to tell.

Unlock the mystery...

Long before my dad had passed away he told me a story on how I got my name. The story is actually fairly simple; my name was the name of a friend of his from high school that was killed in Vietnam. I thought this was a nice way to commemorate the name of a friend.

From about the age of four I had a best friend, his name was Mark Christopher. We shared our childhood together, Mark and I, all the good times and the bad…but the good far outweighed the bad. Shortly after I turned 20 Mark, who was 19, was murdered. This event truly shook the foundation of what friendship and brotherhood would come to mean to me.

Now let’s flashback about 4 to 5 years. Mark introduced me to a guy named Chris whom he knew from just running around town. Chris was a good cat and everyone I knew wanted to hang out with him. Chris went through a really rough year when he was 15. He lost his father to an explosion and fire and not too long after that he broke his back and lost the feeling in his legs in an auto accident. Around the time I turned 17 or so, Chris and I started to grow closer in friendship. While most friendships in life come and go, with Chris and I it never went. We’ve remained close to this day and he is one of my dearest, most trusted friends.

I truly believe that Chris would walk to the end of the earth on his hands if it meant saving my life or keeping me from harm, and that sort of friendship or brotherhood is something you rarely find. What better way to pay homage to your best friend is there than to name your firstborn son after him?

Where did “Silas” Come From?

Honestly, his name was originally going to be Siris, followed by Sirus, they Cyrus…but alas no compromise could be made.

Open Me to find out...

Months passed and my wife brought up the name Silas to me. That morning I had been reading through Acts 16 and had just read the story of Paul and Silas in prison in Philippi. I felt like it was a sign from God, so the name stuck…and I think it suits him well.

History Time…

Silvanus, or better known as Silas which is the contracted form of the name, is one of those seemingly minor characters in the New Testament, who was used of God to spread the gospel beyond Jerusalem and Judaea. He was privileged to live among the apostles, and the scripture provides more information about him than about some of the apostles chosen by Jesus. Although there is no mention of him in the gospel accounts, there are some significant points about his Christian service through the ministry of the Holy Spirit after the resurrection of Christ. Seven passages in Acts involving Silas begin with an introduction to him as an important member of the church led by the apostles at Jerusalem. Paul mentions Silas in the opening of three letters to two of the churches where Silas, or Silvanus, had played an active role with Paul. The last reference to Silas in Peter’s first general letter to many churches in Asia Minor, and it is very likely that this is the same Silvanus, and that he had rejoined Peter for ministry emanating from the church at Jerusalem.

Silas is chiefly remembered as the companion of the Apostle Paul who was arrested with him at Philippi (Acts 16:19-40). They were beaten severely and confined in the inner prison, with their feet in stocks. There they sang hymns in the night, and an earthquake shook the prison, and released them. As a result, the jailer and his household became believers.

This is the same Silas whom Paul mentions in his writings to the Corinthians (2 Cor 1:19) and the Thessalonians (1 Thes 1:1; 2 Thes 1:1), and is certainly the Silas of Acts, and probably the same as the Silas who carried the Apostle Peter’s first letter (1 Pet 5:12) to its scattered recipients.

What a great man to be named after. I pray that my son is able to make an impact on the world as this Silas did.