My cousin Amber got me this "rocking" outfit!

You have gotten so active! You kick and punch the air wildly when you are lying on your back, especially when you are really excited. I wish I knew what all the goo’s, ga’s and squeals meant because you appear to really be talking about something crazy!

Today was my first St. Patrick’s day, and to commemorate such an occasion…I’m wearing the “Official” 1st St. Patrick’s Day bib.

You’re new word appears to be “Brrrvvv”. It’s hilarious!

Yep, I know I’m cute!

Mom doesn't like it when pop fixes my hair like this, but she left early today so he gave me a good crazy hairdo.

Mom dressed me cute and snapped a couple of pictures of me. She’s the best!

I love showing off my camo pajamas by doing a little leaning on the couch.

Take a look at this beautiful boy! He’s in pictures.

For the entire album check above on “Newborn Pictures”.

You’ve been growing and moving around so much lately. You’re mother and I can’t wait to see your face and hold you in our arms.

Lately I’ve been really thinking about life and taking more serious than ever before the gift of it supplied to us by God. I have every inclination that from a very early age, you’ll be an amazing child of God. I’m eagerly awaiting how He will use you to advance His kingdom.